Andrea Gracis Photography -


Spring Reflections 
f/9, ISO 100, HDR (3 images)

Bell Tower 
f/9, ISO 100, 22mm, HDR (3 images)

Time to drink water (HDR)
f/20, 1/500 sec., ISO 100, 35mm (HDR)

Time to drink water" is typical sentence after a drinking night, and last Saturday it was! By the way, that glass of water caught my attention during last Sunday lunch time. It was a very sunny day as you can imagine, and I tried to take this HDR picture with so much daylight and the f/2 for my powerful Canon 35mm. This si the result! Personally, it is not an amazing photo but I love its colors, the light within it and the particular of the dish of pasta on the right. Do you like it?

Stay Tuned!

Ermitage Forest (on the map)
f/4.6, 1/42 secs., ISO100, 35mm (HDR)

Sunny Day 
f/8, 1/200 secs., ISO 100, 35mm (HDR)