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White house on the lake
f/ 10, 1/250 sec., ISO 100, 35mm

f/2, 1/2500 sec., ISO 100, 35mm

Indian Moonwalk (Bangalore, India)
f/2, 1/8 sec, ISO 100, 35mm

Bangaluru streets (Bangalore, India)
f/2, 1/400 sec., IS0 100, 35mm  - HDR

Behind the scenes 
f/2, 1/2000 sec., ISO 100, 35mm

Alone on the wall
f/2, 1/2000 sec., ISO100, 35mm

The Barn in the medieval village
f/9, 1/200 sec., ISO 100, 35mm

Time to drink water (HDR)
f/20, 1/500 sec., ISO 100, 35mm (HDR)

Time to drink water" is typical sentence after a drinking night, and last Saturday it was! By the way, that glass of water caught my attention during last Sunday lunch time. It was a very sunny day as you can imagine, and I tried to take this HDR picture with so much daylight and the f/2 for my powerful Canon 35mm. This si the result! Personally, it is not an amazing photo but I love its colors, the light within it and the particular of the dish of pasta on the right. Do you like it?

Stay Tuned!

Spring Plugs
f/2.8, 1/2000 sec., ISO100,  35mm

Spring flowers
f/2, 1/500 sec., ISO100, 35mm

These are one of the results that the nature gives to us during the spring season!! In particular those depicted in the above photo are peach flowers that I shot today morning in Palesto Park in Milan. I used my Canon 35 mm f2 that is very very sharp. At the moment I think this lens as one of the best ones that I have got till today, but I am considering in few months to go for the Sigma 24Mm F1.8 Af Ex.

Stay tuned!

HDR Bike
f/2, ISO 100, 35mm (HDR mode)

This is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo taken in my home city -Milan. It is made of 3 pictures at different exposures and made to one using a particular procedure. if you are interested in this kind of photos, check this site out.

Stay Tuned…

Little waterfalls
f/22, 0.3 sec., ISO100, 35mm

Last Sunday I was walking in Sempione Park in the norther part of Milan with my “SevenD” and the Canon 35mm f/2 -a must have lens. There are some little ponds in there with some little “waterfalls” cause they are built on different levels. I wanted to try to take a long exposure picture to one of those in the middle of the day. Here the result :)

Stay Tuned…