Andrea Gracis Photography -


I was very hungry (Val Ferret, Courmayeur, Valle d’Aosta, Italy - on the map)
f/20, 1/40 sec., ISO100 , 10mm

Last Sunday, with friends during a wonderful sunny day, we were walking through the streets of the Val Ferret and I could take some shoots…

from wikipedia:
Val Ferret is the name of the two valleys departing from the Col Ferret on the border between Italy and Switzerland, on the southern side the Mont Blanc Massif. To the northeast, the Swiss valley, which drains into the Rhône basin; to the southwest, the Italian valley, which drains into the Po basin.The two valleys are connected by a mountain footpath through Col Ferret. Access to Col Ferret is forbidden for private motor vehicles, on both sides. The valley starts at the Col Ferret (2490 m) on the Italian border. It is surrounded by high mountains, especially on the west side (Mont Dolent, Tour Noir and other summits of the Mont Blanc Massif). The main villages of the Val Ferret are (from up to down): Ferret, L’A Neuve, La Fouly, Prayon, Praz de Fort, Issert and Som la Proz, all belonging to the municipality of Orsières. Altogether, the valley has approximately 700 inhabitants (1 January 2008).[more]